Q: Following the instructions on this site our place for a Chimney Balloon would be roughly 4 feet above the metal damper in a space that is roughly 12×12. I am planning to purchase a 15×15 Chimney Balloon, but is there a HEX extension long enough for placement and inflation of the Chimney Balloon?- RM

A: Dear RM, It sounds like you are trying to size a Chimney Balloon in your first chimney tile area. We do make 36″ long custom HEK Extenders, but I think you will find it much easier to measure and install a Chimney Balloon in a lower location if possible.

What you are looking for in your flue is an area about 7″ or 8″ in height that has roughly parallel walls on at least 2 opposing sides, and is out of the way of the damper hardware.
Knowing that description, is there an area just above or below your damper that may be a better location to measure? Call us at 608-467-0229 for a little more guidance. – Jason