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Easy to Install


The Chimella is a flue plug that is easy to size-up and put in. The two foot long spring-loaded handle deploys the canopy into the flue above the firebox. Stops chimney drafts and debris. Perfect for people who use their fireplace regularly, but want an easy way to close the flue.


Durable and Adaptable


The Flueblocker is a rigid wool pad that press-fits above the firebox or right in the damper opening. The tough pad can be cut to size and can be slotted to accommodate damper hardware. Perfect for rough surface chimneys that need to be air sealed.

Chimney Balloon

Tight Seal, Expands to Fit


The Chimney Balloon expands to fill the chimney wall-to-wall for a tight seal. This inflatable offers an economic way to close a round. square or rectangle chimney opening.

Smoke Pencil

Mini Fog Machine


The best way to detect air leaks is with a little smoke. The Smoke Pencil is a hand held puffer that creates big puffs or small trails of smoke.


Tuckpointing and Grouting the Easy Way


Thick mortar and gritty grout are no match for the Quikpoint tool. Make your tuckpointing or grouting job simple.

Fog Thrower

Forced-Air Fog Machine


Coming Soon! – The Fog Thrower is a high velocity smoke machine. The hose delivers a volume of fog and forced air. It is useful for pressure testing an enclosed area.