Draft Stoppers for Chimneys

Stop the Cold

Stop the Smell

Stop the Loss

"It works! No drafts. It came early. So happy that I didn't have to hire someone to replace the old rusted out one"


"This Product is Great - We have been looking for ways to cut down on drafts in our ornamental fireplace and this product works like a charm. It comes with two handles one short and one longer so you can still use your candles without seeing the handle. It cut down on a lot of the air. Should see savings on our heat this winter. This product deserves 5 stars."


"Heat Loss Reduction - Well worth the money."


"Trimmed to a perfect fit"


"Works Great - Seals perfectly and love the flag, so my wife remembers the flue is closed."


"Drafty Flue Fixed - Simple solution to a drafty flue."


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How to Plug a Gas Fireplace Chimney?

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