#51: I Have a Long Rectangular Center-Pivot Damper with Chains Hanging Down. How Do I Plug the Flue?

Closed Long center pivot chain damper

51-1: Closed Long Center-Pivot Chain Damper

Open Long center pivot chain damper

51-2: Open Long Center-Pivot Chain Damper

chain pull damper

51-3: Pull Chain on Chain Damper

chain butterfly damper

51-4: Open Center-Pivot Damper Door

Measure fireplace lintel below damper

51-5: Vertical Measurement from the Damper to the Bottom of the Lintel

chain damper measure

51-6: Where to Measure for a Flueblocker

Buy a Flueblocker
chimney balloon in chain damper

51-7: Looking Up At a Chimney Balloon Below a Chain Damper

Buy a Chimney Balloon