Where to Measure a Heatelator Pre-Fab Fireplace

Green Energy retail boutique stores are opening online and in brick and mortar all over the US and Canada. These stores offer homeowners tips and product that are used by professional energy raters and insulators to seal insulate your home and ensure it has proper efficient ventilation.

Here is a story about a “Clean Energy Boutique store” that was recently opened in Ypsilanti, MI¬†near Ann Arbor, MI (story written by Tracy Davis, Ann Arbor News). This initiative is presented by the Clean Energy Coalition.

As always, education and exposure of homeowners is a key first step to getting homes more energy efficient.

In Photo: Camille Merritt checks out a chimney balloon, which seals the chimney from cold air when not in use, at the Energy Outlet, a green business launched by the Ypsilanti-based nonprofit organization Clean Energy Coalition.