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Tight Seal Expands to Fit

The Chimney Balloon is the original chimney draft stopper. It is a puncture resistant inflatable that installs into the chimney and seals and insulates as it expands wall to wall.

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P10296073 Jason – I too am struggling with two fireplaces built in 1970’s that are old and too costly to repair the brick seal. I can smell the draft odor and I confident now that my master bedroom temperature is fluctuating due to the fireplace. I can’t see a safer solution anywhere, "The Great Stuff" seems ok but not perfect and not safe. Once I order your balloon how do you suggest to clean the brick inside so it ends up looking nice and where can I find a decent fireplace cover? – BMM

BMM, The Chimney Balloon will certainly help stop the chimney odor and the temperature fluctuations in the room, but not with the looks of the fireplace, as the Chimney Balloon is designed to be installed up out of eyesight in the flue.

You could try cleaning the bricks with a brick cleaner. Rutland Products has one that is available at Ace Hardware or fireplace shops and I have heard muratic acid works as well. Be very careful with these cleaners though and follow their instructions closely.

If you want a more decorative touch you can go with a fireplace cover or fireplace shield as you suggested. You will likely find those online through retailers like Northline Express or Woodland Direct and they will be listed under fireplace screens. I have attached a picture of a tiffany style fireplace shield cover that retailed for $200. There are many styles to chose from and plenty of vendors who sell them on-line. – Jason