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20 cost free ways to save on energy.

This was an interesting blog entry about an article by Consumer Reports: This article is actually about another article in Consumer reports but I find this Blog about energy Efficiency and the...

Ending energy waste through light bulbs

I mostly write on saving heat through conservation and good practice. This blog speaks more on a wholistic approach to save energy. Here is a great article on ditching energy-wasting light bulbs.

Article on marketing products “Green”

This was a relatively interesting article on how Marketing and advertising efforts are focusing on Green Products in 2007. Here is a link to the article in Financial Times here is a long link to the article

An article and video on how to save energy

Here is a very short but effective article on how to save energy and save money on the electrical bill. This blog is a respected authority on Home improvements in the Denver CO area. Be sure to see the video link in this article on references to get help on consuming...

trouble with Mercury in energy efficient CFL bulbs

trouble with Mercury in energy efficient CFL bulbs

CFL bulbs There is trouble with Energy efficient CFL bulbs and some brands are worst than others. The mercury contained in them is a hidden hazard. Here is a blog entry that describes the advantage and drawbacks of the bulbs and the false and true statements about...

Can I plug a pot belly stove?

Can I plug a pot belly stove?

Pot belly Q: I have a pot belly stove with a bad damper on it. Can I use this Chimney Balloon to stop up the chimney? PBS A: PBS, If you can reach into your pot belly stove and touch the location where the chimney meets the stove you can likely use the Chimney...