#50: I Have a Chimney Top Damper with a Cable Coming Down. How do I Plug the Flue?

50-1: Chimney Top Damper Cable Coming Thru Old Damper Frame

Damper Cable coming into the firebox

50-2: Chimney Top Damper Cable Entering the Firebox

lymance damper on chimney top

50-3: Lymance Brand Top Seal Damper on Chimney Top

Damper Cable in Smoke Shelf and Flue Liner

50-4: Damper Cable Decending Flue Tile and Smoke Shelf

50-5: Chimney Top Cable Descending Round Flue Liner

Damper Cable coming down to Firebox

50-6: Damper Cable Descending into Firebox

Damper cable catch bracket

50-7: Damper Cable Latch Bracket

50-8: Using a T-square to Measure High in the Flue

Chimella installed in flue

50-9: Chimella Installed in Flue Tile

Flueblocker Installed

50-10: Flueblocker Installed in the Old Lower Damper Frame